Innovative Wine Bottles Include Labels With Short Stories to Read While You Sip

While a traditional wine pairing typically couples a specific food with its red-or-white match, Reverse Innovation believes that wine is best served with a good book. The Milan-based brand and product design agency has teamed up with Matteo Correggia, an award-winning winery in the rolling hills of Roero, Italy, to create Librottiglia, a range of wines with a literary twist.

Composed of three wines—two reds and a white—the Librottiglia line is distinguished by its catchy title (a clever combination of the Italian words for “book” and “bottle”) and its clever packaging. With a clean, minimalist design, a colorful graphic, and information about the grape variety, year, and region of its contents, each bottle’s label appears ordinary. Tug at the twine that is tied around it, however, and you’ll discover that the “label” is actually a tiny book! A perfect pairing for each half-bottle (375 milliliters or about two-and-a-half glasses), the novellas offer a convenient way to relax as you sip.


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