Inventors say cheers to old method of ageing wine

Your next glass of red wine could be aged in a metal or even plastic container using “wood in liquid form”‚ and you may not even know the difference.

A Western Cape based company Oranet has developed a method to extract the “essence” of oak‚ from which wine-ageing barrels are made‚ into an ethanol-based liquid form.

“The solution can treat 100‚000 litres of wine with the same amount of wood that comes from a 50kg piece of wood typically used in a 250 litre barrel‚” said Francois Malan‚ the company’s commercial manager.

Malan said that the solution was developed by Woolf Katz‚ an expert in microbiology and extraction‚ and preserved the same flavours and texture found in wood-barrelled wine.

“He’s able to put into liquid form the wood that is made from barrels. He calls it ‘wood in liquid form’.”

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