Inverroche, Home of Fynbos Gin, Rum and … Liqueur?

As a self-proclaimed drinks enthusiast, a prophet of the liquid-to-lips movement and a frequenter of the vegetative state of self-pity which follows; I was intrigued to hear that the team at the Inverroche Distillery were trying their hand at liqueur-making. A spirit category which seems to have remained somewhat stuck in a distant memory of those drink-slingers who came before us.

One may feel adventurous and decide to replicate a relic of a drink, which may call for a Liqueur of sorts, and that same one might find it difficult to either gain access or affordability to the liqueur called-for in such a recipe, leaving one having to settle for a cheaper or more readily available version. Imagine one’s disappointment in the overly sweetened, depressingly dull and bleak liquid strained into one’s serving vessel.   

Inverroche Liqueurs are ALL-natural; using fresh fruits and nectar of Agave. It has no artificial flavours or preservatives, everything is sustainably sourced, handmade and it is packed full of the beauty which is Inverroche, namely Fynbos.

The liqueur range is currently only available for purchase at the brand’s home in Stilbaai, however, Inverroche has confirmed that they are currently working on joining the e-commerce sector by introducing an online store that will enable purchases directly from the distillery.

Inverroche’s gins are currently available globally in 18 countries but have shown no fatigue in their strides to make their products easily accessible to the rest of the world.  

The collection of three liqueurs was inspired by the connection between people and plants and the role of the humble bee. The team is a huge advocate for the survival of the Cape Honey Bee, which is under threat due to the destruction of their natural habitat. They encourage consumers to become ‘bee-aware’ and ‘bee-friendly’ and to open a window if you find a bee in your home or to put out some sugar water for the little guy(s) to refuel.

Screenshot 2019 03 05 at 17.45.47 Inverroche, Home of Fynbos Gin, Rum and … Liqueur?

Inverroche Liqueurs are available to sample as a carefully crafted elixir by some of our country’s most celebrated bartenders. Two venues have been identified to showcase the liqueurs. The first of which is an experimental Cause Effect Cocktail Kitchen in Cape Town, who draws inspiration from the city’s fynbos, oceans, vineyards and mountains. A proverbial match made in heaven!

cause and effect Inverroche, Home of Fynbos Gin, Rum and … Liqueur?

Botanique Brandy Liqueur

The first to come of the three liqueurs is crafted by using a three-year-old potstill brandy which is then infused with Fynbos botanicals (the recipe calls for all of the fynbos species used in the production of the three gin varietals produced by Inverroche) and Cape Citrus. The liqueur is mellowed out in oak barrels, which also adds to the colour and flavour profile as well as the woody finish. The range of Fynbos botanicals are a fusion of the three biomes represented in the Inverroche gin range (Limestone, Mountain, and Coastal) and contributes to the rich and aromatic complexity. Expect your nose to be penetrated with soft summer blooms, candied lemon and spice; followed by a warm lingering of fig, fruitcake, butterscotch and earthy base notes on the palate.

Upon arrival at Cause Effect – the only stockist of the Botanique Liqueur for on-consumption – we were greeted with an aperitif based on a French cocktail; the Kir Royale, classically Creme de cassis charged with Champagne.

Justin Shaw took a simple approach with my introduction to Botanique Liqueur by charging it with a locally produced MCC.

inverroche liqueur5 Inverroche, Home of Fynbos Gin, Rum and … Liqueur?

What followed next could easily be described as the highlight of my evening, ingeniously named the ‘Botanique Hand-chique’, a spirit-forward concoction which resembles the pure luxurious indulgence of consuming liquid gold…

The Botanique Hand-chique Cocktail

inverroche liqueur7 Inverroche, Home of Fynbos Gin, Rum and … Liqueur?

Make your own Botanique Hand-chique Cocktail

inverroche liqueur11 Inverroche, Home of Fynbos Gin, Rum and … Liqueur?
Myself, Justin Shaw and Jody Francis from Inverroche.

Tune in again next week to discover the other venue which Inverroche has partnered with, as well as the other liqueurs, and the drinks which have been created to honour them.

Cause and Effect
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