Inviting Nature In At Creation

Friends are so inspirational. They send you thoughtful messages just when you need them most. A great example is our friend Baptiste Quinard from Burgundy. For the longest time we’ve been discussing the development of our Tasting Room space. Then, when we hit an all-time low with the pandemic at the beginning of January this year, we received a most precious gift from Baptiste in the form of unique and innovative ideas for an environmentally positive space. I’m delighted to say that Baptiste’s magnificent plans are now a work in progress. 

Welcome to the Creation Biome at the entrance to the Tasting Room where right now you’re greeted by seasonal fynbos such as the exquisite King and Pink Ice Proteas. Kokedamas hang like raindrops from the ceiling with – to me the crowning glory – two impressive Staghorn Fern ‘chandeliers’ as the centrepiece. A magnificent array of plants overhanging the concrete beams on either side forms a floral guard of honour. These include of course, South Africa’s wonder plant, the Spekboom. Apart from having edible leaves, its main attraction lies in the fact that the Spekboom removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by acting like a sponge, improving the quality of air we breathe. 

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