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Iron Maiden And Robinsons Brewery Announce Trooper Collection In Celebration Of 25 Million Pints

IRON MAIDEN and Robinsons Brewery have announced a special Trooper mixed beer collection box in celebration of selling 25 million pints.

Since its launch in 2013, the 4.7% ABV Premium British beer has firmly established itself as a Top 40 U.K. beer brand, whilst becoming a leading player amongst exported British ales, having been sold in over 50 countries worldwide.

Along with the core range of Trooper beers — TrooperSun And Steel and Light Brigade — the collection will include three limited-edition beers: Trooper 666, first released in 2015, with an ABV of 6.6%; Red ‘N’ Black, a porter style beer launched in 2016, and 2017’s Hallowed, a Belgium inspired hybrid ale. The collection will contain 12 bottles giving fans the chance to have 2 of each beer.

Trooper brand manager Sam Kennerley said: “Is there any better way to celebrate 25 million pints sold of Trooper than by releasing all of our beers in one collection for the very first time? We are asked daily when we are going to be re-releasing certain beers, so this is an opportunity for fans to get their hands on every beer in our collection to date.”

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