Is Crystal Sun Slot the New Starburst?

Crystal Sun has been touted by some as the new Starburst and among the best payout slots today. There are certainly similarities between the two slots but is it fair to compare the slot to a classic? 

Crystal Sun Slot 

The Crystal Sun slot has managed to capture the imagination of slot players, it has managed to become incredibly popular in a short space of time. The Crystal Sun slot was developed by Play ‘N Go and it bears a little more than a passing resemblance to the original Starburst slot. Using a similar outer space theme, Crystal Sun uses a simple grid that only consists of 10 paylines, three reels and five rows. The bonuses available in the slot include scatters, wilds, respins and a star wild which offers players multipliers of either 1x, 2x or 3x. The symbols featured on the grid of Crystal Sun slot are designed to be intentionally reminiscent of the symbols featured on a Starburst slot. 

Original Starburst Slot 

The original Starburst slot is one of the most beloved slot releases of all time. Developed by NetEnt, this slot is considered a straight up classic. Starburst has managed to maintain a steady popularity ever since it’s release, it still remains incredibly popular today. There are many reasons for this. 

  1. The spectacular visuals. One of the reasons why Starburst managed to resonate with so many people has to be the wonderful visuals and animations that it has. Even today, it is still a stunning game to look at.
  2. Bonuses. Players get more than their money’s worth thanks to the exciting bonus features that the slot game offers. There are expanding wilds, respins, free spins and even ways to win on both reels.
  3. Simplicity. The grid design for Starburst is nothing special but that is precisely what makes it special. The grid is simply three rows, five reels and ten paylines. This easy to understand grid has made the game accessible to all kinds of players. 

Is Crystal Sun Comparable to Starburst? 

Crystal Sun clearly takes some of its inspiration from Starburst but is it fair to compare the two games when they both offer different experiences for players? 

●       It would be hard to find a slot game that hasn’t been influenced by Starburst in one way or another. Although the similarities are more obvious in Crystal Sun, it still manages to be its own entity thanks to the specific bonus features that it offers.

●       They both have very similar designs, with Crystal Sun coming across more like a modern update of Starburst. Comparisons would have been inevitable as both slots use a similar outer space setting but the similarity in symbols and colouring make it seem as though Crystal Sun is intentionally leaning into the comparison. 

In Conclusion 

There is no denying the similarities between the two slots, it is clear that Crystal Sun takes inspiration from Starburst. However it still has a long way to go before it can be called the new Starburst as the original Starburst still remains incredibly well liked.