Is Dry January Worth It?

What is at the top of many New Year’s resolutions? For many it’s weight loss and/or abstaining from alcohol.

What I often hear is, “I need to loose weight so I’m not going to drink for the month.” I always thought that you shouldn’t have to ever give up anything completely just cut back on the amount. I mean everything in moderation right? How about starting an exercise routine? How about eating healthier?

So what exactly does it mean to your body to give up alcohol? The staff at NewScientist pioneered a study into a month’s alcohol abstinence and teamed up with the Liver and Digestive Health at University College London Medical School (UCLMS) to investigate. Kevin Moore, consultant in liver health services at UCLMS said, “when you stop drinking for a month it alters liver fat, cholesterol and blood sugar, and helps in weight loss.” However unless you plan to alter your intake for a much longer period of time, this is a short-term weight loss solution. We all know how those work.