Is it a good idea to add ice to fruit juices?

Fruit juice and ice are like a quintessential combination. When you order a fruit juice in your office cafeteria or any local juice centre, the crushed ice is added before any other ingredient. While the crushed ice in your juice can provide you great relief on a hot summer day, can combining crushed ice and fruit juice be a good idea? Let us hear it out from well-known nutritionist Priya Kathpal.

Can crushed ice in juice have any side effects?

You might have heard from several sources that you should not combine crushed ice and fruit juice because it might have some side effects, but this claim is completely false. It is just a myth. Nothing is going to happen to you if you add ice to your fruit juices.

Does the nutrient value of the juice change after adding crushed ice?

However, if you are drinking a glass of fruit juice for nourishment, adding crushed ice will just dilute the liquid and reduce the quantity of fresh fruit juice. When you order for a glass of fruit juice, around 3/4th of the glass is filled with ice, so automatically you end up consuming less of the fresh fruit juice. So you can always ask the chef not to add crushed ice to your drink if you are drinking it for the much-needed dose of energy. But if you like ice in your juice, you can always go ahead and ask for it. Also, find out the number of calories in your fruit juices. 

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