Is It Acceptable For Children To Be Drinking Non-alcoholic Drinks?

Many people have taken to consuming non-alcoholic drinks during lockdown. And brands have been only too happy by extending their non-alcoholic drinks options.

But after coming across Savanna Cider’s ad on social media numerous amounts of times, it got us thinking: If adults are drinking zero-alcohol drinks, does that mean children are doing it as well?

In its ad, the brand made it absolutely clear that under no circumstances is Savanna Non-Alcoholic Lemon for sale to anyone under the age of 18.

“While we all understand the irresistible crisp delicious taste of Savanna Non-Alcoholic Lemon, and that it’s legally a Non-Alcoholic drink, and available at grocery stores, we still don’t sell it to kids. NOT FOR PERSONS UNDER 18. Klaar,“ reads the ad.

his got us thinking: What is the general consensus? Is it socially acceptable for children to be drinking non-alcoholic drinks in public or at home?

We’re not the only ones wondering. A quick Google search shows thread upon thread discussing this very topic.

One Redditor asked “Is it okay to give non alcoholic beer to a child?” As a waitress, she’s encountered patrons ordering these drinks for their children, and it doesn’t seem to bother them.

One response was: “Its probably tradition but in Germany for example you need to be 14 to drink any kind of beer even if it is no alcoholic so as to not make kids used to the flavour of it.”

Another said: “I grew up in the UK and there is was totally normal to give alcohol to children.“

One Japanese news agency went straight to the source and asked a select few breweries what are the implication of minors consuming non-alcoholic beverages.

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