Is It Healthy To Eat Grilled Foods?

Grilling is an excellent form of cooking that has been passed on by our ancestors. Firing up the grill is very common amongst people especially during a public holiday. Grilling is fun and pairing it up with beer makes it even better. With a variety of beer options and meat options, it’s a match made in heaven. Over the years, we have developed many ways to process and cook our meat such as frying, boiling, grilling, roasting and so much more. Maintaining is essential as it will increase its durability and last longer. Whether you’ve just purchased a brand new George Foreman Grill or you’re a veteran George griller, this guide on Carnivore Style will teach you how to clean a George Foreman Grill efficiently.

People across the world have wondered whether eating grilled meat is healthier compared to other forms of cooking. So in this article, you will leave about the good and the bad about having grilled foods.

The Bad

Studies have shown that people who consume grilled or BBQ food on a regular basis have been subjected to health risks. While there are other reasons that can contribute to proving grilled food unhealthy. The most significant reason why grilling food is bad for you as it can lead to risks of cancer. Meat contains creatine and when cooked over flames it creates a compound known as heterocyclic amines (HCAs). When consumed in high concentration, it may lead to cancer. Another compound known as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) is also created during the grilling process when the fat from the food drip into the flames and the smoke released coats your food. This chemical is also known to cause cancer 

If you are someone who loves to grill and BBQ, you may want to reconsider. Charred meat is bad for the human body as it contains higher levels of HCA. A great way to avoid this chemical formation is grilling your meat to perfection and monitoring the temperature of your grill. Remember, as scary as this may sound, there are ways you can avoid the production of HCA and PAH in your meat by following a few simple steps and making wise decisions.

The Good

By following these simple ways, you can grill healthier foods.

  • Use Leaner Cuts

Choosing leaner cuts of cut adds an additional nutritional value as they are packed with iron, zinc, proteins, and vitamins such as vitamin B-6, niacin, and vitamin B-12. The leaner cuts also offer lesser fats which means fewer fats drips into the flames and reduces the chemicals released. 

  • Grill Smart 

Grilling with the right techniques will help you heighten the moisture in the meat and packs more flavor in your meat. Make sure your grill is at the right temperature when cooking to avoid any loss of flavor. To achieve juicy and tender meat ensure that the humidity inside your meat is not lost.

  • Marinate 

A healthy way of eating grilled food is by marinating your food well. When marinating, make sure that your meat is packed with spices that form a protective barrier that eliminates HCAs during the grilling method. If you choose bottled marinades, ensure that they are low in salt. Thyme, garlic, sage, etc can reduce HCAs by almost 60% which is very beneficial for you. Remember to shake off any excess marinade to avoid your meat getting charred.

  • Grill Quickly 

Remember, both cooking time and cooking methods are important as they can create harmful chemicals during the process. The smoke released when the fat or oil drips into the grill can be very harmful. You can either grill quickly by cutting meat into smaller pieces or consider a longer time for a lower temperature. 

  • Reduce Weight Loss

Even diet food often requires butter or oil while cooking which may add to your weight and also unhealthy. By grilling veggies or meat, there are natural oils that are oozed out which help in grilling. Reducing butter in your food can help in significant weight loss.

  • High nutrition 

When you think about grilling people only think about the different types of meat available. People often forget that vegetables can also be grilled as they hold more vitamins and nutrients. Compared to frying and boiling vegetables, grilling fresh vegetables is healthier and offers more benefits. 

The Verdict 

When to comes to grilling foods, it is important that you consider every aspect of your cooking method. Now that you are aware of the benefits and drawbacks of grilling. You are equipped to make wise decisions and choose the right technique to enjoy your meal to the fullest.