Is It Safe To Mix CBD With Alcohol?  

Some say CBD helps with hangovers, but is it safe to mix CBD with alcohol? The answer is yes, however, it is possible for the effects of one or both substances to become amplified when taken together.

CBD is non-toxic, but alcohol is a toxin and fatal if consumed in too large of quantities. Therefore, you should never take CBD in an attempt to consume more alcohol. 

CBD may also be harmful to your liver, meaning you should talk to your doctor if you consume alcohol regularly, as alcohol can also be damaging to the liver.

Potential Harmful Effects of Using CBD and Alcohol Together

“I strongly advise my patients against consuming alcohol and cannabis together, whether it’s CBD or THC, since you can feel a stronger effect from both when using alcohol,” says Theisen.

Side effects depend on several factors, including the amount of alcohol, the CBD dose and the amount of THC present in the CBD product. Combining alcohol and CBD may cause drowsiness, impaired coordination and, in rare cases, vomiting, says Theisen.

Combining CBD and alcohol could also potentially increase the effects of the alcohol, causing the person to feel drunk or impaired faster, an expert told Forbes.

“If someone took CBD in the morning to help with their anxiety and wanted to have a drink or two in the evening, that [combination] hasn’t been shown to be problematic,” says the expert. “Taking them concurrently is where I get concerned because of potential side effects—whether from the alcohol or even the CBD.”

Moderation is key to safety when consuming both CBD and alcohol. Yet, it’s not recommended to mix the two substances due to the possible side effect of drowsiness, which could create a safety hazard while driving, operating machinery or working with kitchen equipment.

With that said, little research exists on mixing alcohol and CBD is based mainly on studies of rodents rather than humans. As a result, it’s still unclear whether it’s safe to consume CBD and alcohol together, let alone cure a hangover.