Is Tequila Really Paleo-Friendly or Are We Kidding Ourselves?

“I’ll have a tequila and soda with extra lime, please!” says a Paleo’er on a Friday night. OK, so did cavemen really sit around the fire drinking booze? That’s a big fat no, but modern day Paleo men and women seem to have made tequila their beverage of choice during happy hour.

But is it really Paleo-friendly? Some say distilled spirits can have a place in a Paleo lifestyle, especially tequila since it’s the only distilled spirit naturally derived from the agave plant. But here’s the thing, not all tequilas are created equal.

Tequila 101

The best tequila in the world has the “100-percent agave” seal, meaning that it’s derived from the fermented blue agave plant and is free of any additives. Each tequila company has a slightly different process for creating its unique product, but it usually begins in Jalisco, Mexico. Fun fact: 100-percent agave tequila *must* be bottled in Mexico.

The agave used to make tequila grows for several years to reach its peak sugar content. Once it’s ready for tequila production, the plant is transported to a distillery and baked in small ovens for several days. This low-and-slow cooking process caramelizes the sugar of the agave plant, allowing for a smooth and sweet finish (yes, that’s what good tequila should taste like).