Is the Grape a Wonder Drug?

Imagine a diet of eating grapes and only grapes for days on end! Practised in Europe since the Middle Ages and made famous as a supposed cure for many illnesses (including cancer) in the early 20th century, this controversial detox method has been around for a while.

The so-called ‘Grape Cure’ is a long standing tradition in France. The diet is extremely simple: eat nothing but grapes. Opinions vary on the length of time- those offering it as a detox recommend only three days, whereas the those who advocate it as a natural therapy to illness would have you stay on it for much longer.

A survivor of the 2 Boer Wars, Johanna Brandt, was the first to bring it to the attention of the global community. After battling with stomach pains for years, she tried every natural remedy possible until the grape diet finally provided relief. Made even more famous were the allegations that, not only did she beat stomach pains, but cancer to boot. This is disputed heavily by the medical community who rightfully view the grape diet as an effective natural remedy with scepticism.

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