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It`s here: Pop a cork on the first Delush sparkling wine

It had to happen. With the runaway success of the Delush range of natural sweet wines, South Africa’s fastest growing wine brand has uncorked its first Sparkling Wine.

Just in time for summer, Delush Sparkling Rosé brings the exciting taste and unrivalled quality of the Delush range to a wine sparkling with millions of bubbles and popping with phenomenal taste.

So if you were wondering what you were going to do for fun this summer, here it is. Delush Sparkling Rosé is made from the finest grapes grown in vineyards with just the right amount of sunshine they need to ripen to perfection. In the cellar, our winemakers give the wine the special treatment it needs to transform from a normal still and quiet wine into a sparkling and vivacious drink that nobody can miss once that cork has been opened with a pop.

The result is a great natural sweet rosé taste. Refreshment. Fun. Laughter. Bubbles. Because if there is one thing Delush Sparkling Rosé guarantees, it is that this is the one drink to turn every moment of every day into a celebration.

Screenshot 2018 11 26 at 08.10.56 It`s here: Pop a cork on the first Delush sparkling wine

Celebrate the tastes of cherry, candy floss and strawberry. Celebrate the classy label, designed to turn heads wherever Delush Sparkling Rosé makes an experience. Celebrate the joy of being the centre of the in-crowd as you open and fill your glass with this bright pink sparkling wine.

And if you listen closely you can hear the bubbles pop. Delush Sparkling Rosé is currently exclusive to Pick ’n Pay. Stock-up for summer and get it on ice, now. Because with Delush, life is one celebration.