It’s not Cork it’s Zork

The Zork wine closure is an alternative to traditional cork closures and it has been designed to differentiate the aesthetic appearance of a wine bottle. The product has a high quality, satin finish and the unique design means Zork does not require the added cost of a capsule to finish the packaging presentation once the closure has been applied. The multi-component, injection-moulded, tamper-evident closure, developed by ZORK Pty in Australia, features a good oxygen barrier, and an integral tamper-evident tear band. It is available in a range of colours and can be printed or de-bossed to add further brand identity.

Zork is made of three parts, of which the polyethylene cap provides a tamper evident clamp that locks the closure onto the CETIE band of a cork mouth bottle, the aluminium foil, welded between the inside of the cap provides an oxygen barrier equivalent to a screw cap and finally the polyethylene plunger, clipped into the inside of the cap and welded to the foil. The plunger creates the ‘pop’ on extraction and reseals the bottle after use.

All materials, 100% recyclable and coded to international standards are approved by the American FDA and European EEC. Only the plunger is in contact with the wine. This polyethylene based material has been independently tested to ensure it has no negative affects on the wine. Flushing with inert gas (CO2) immediately before capping is recommended. The Zork will withstand an internal bottle pressure up to 150kPa.

To open the Zork, the consumer simply breaks the seal and removes the tear tab and pulls it out. To reseal the closure can be pushed back in. No corkscrew needed.