James Bond and the vodka maker putting money where 007`s mouth is

Purists threw up their hands in horror: how could he?

Fleming’s character in the books may well have occasionally bought a beer in a bar, but to film afficionados there was only one drink for 007, and that was the vodka martini, shaken – not stirred.

“The producers were looking for something that was suitable for them,” said Mr Gibb. “Belvedere is an authentic Polish vodka with character; it’s the world’s original luxury vodka.

“And for us, Bond is a man of substance, a man of style and taste, and he resonates globally. As a brand which is growing rapidly and expanding into new markets, I was looking for international reach and presence, and wanted to do it with authenticity and character. And the lovely thing about Bond is that he has been drinking martinis for over 30 years.

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