Jean-Charles Boisset launches caviar-infused vodka

French vintner and the proprietor of the Boisset Collection, Jean-Charles Boisset, has branched out from wine into the world of spirits with a new collection that includes a caviar-infused vodka, according to

The JCB Spirits collection also includes a Périgord truffle-infused vodka, a classic vodka and a gin distilled from a Pinot Noir and Chardonnay base from grapes grown in Burgundy’s Côte d’Or.

Encapsulating Boisset’s signature flair, the “ultra premium” spirits are housed in elegant crystal decanters inspired by Boisset’s 17th and 18th-century collection.

According to Boisset, who is married to wine maven Gina Gallo and lives in California, the caviar vodka is “elegant but not overpowering”, while the truffle-infused vodka offers “the perfect umami expression”.

The collection has gone on sale across the US, in states including Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, New York, Texas, and Washington.