Jeremy Clarkson got so drunk before a live show he had to be given a energy injection

Former Top Gear hosts Jeremy Clarkson and James May got so drunk before a live show they had to be given an injection.

The pair were on tour in South Africa as they travelled around the world for Top Gear Live when they were told they weren’t needed the following day due to bad weather.

Thinking they had a clear schedule, they got a “little drunk” and ended up having quite the shock the following day.

Clarkson told The Sun: “We were told the weather was so bad for the following day that the show would not be able to go ahead and so we got a little drunk.

“We woke to discover blue skies and the show would go ahead, so James and I had to have a small injection to actually get us on stage.”

The presenter, who previously said he was quitting booze in the wake of Charles Kennedy’s death , also remembered the not entirely pleasant time Richard May almost threw up on stage.