Johann Rupert looking to buy the Franschhoek Property of Graham Beck Wines

Johann Rupert, super rich business man and son of the late Anton Rupert, wants to focus a bit more on the wine side of things and are eyeing out one of the Graham Beck wineries, situated in Franschhoek and Robertson valley respectively.  Mr Etienne Heyns, marketing and sales manager at Graham Beck wines, told the Landbou Week Blad that Rupert is interested in buying the Franschhoek Estate but, no agreements have been signed to date. Heyns said: “Discussions have been entered into with Mr Johann Rupert in relation to his interest  in possibly acquiring only the Franschhoek Estate of Graham Beck Wines. To date, no final agreement has been reached as far as such a potential transaction is concerned.”

There is no change whatsoever in the ownership by Graham Beck Enterprises (Pty) Ltd of Graham Beck Wines and the operations of Graham Beck Wines currently continue as unchanged.

The Rupert family is the proud owners of 3 wine estates in the Franschhoek valley. L’Ormarins is owned by Johan, La Motte belongs to his sister Hanneli Rupert-Koegelenberg and together they share ownership of Fredericksburg, the home of Rupert & Rothchild wines.

Graham Beck is a well established brand across the world, even Barack Obama digs their bubbly. If the deal goes through the property will sell for a record price. My guess: R100 000 000 at least. What will you pay?