Jon Bon Jovi`s Wine Named Best Rosé Of The Year By Wine Spectator

Picture it: A man rushes up to one Jon Bon Jovi and whispers some news in his ear. A smile slowly spreads over the rock star’s face—his wine, Hampton Water, has been named the best rosé of the year by Wine Spectator, a prestigious honor indeed! He lives for moments like this. He sips his pale pink wine, gives himself a wink in the mirror, and struts on stage.

This ain’t a song for the brokenhearted

(Bawm bawm. Bawm.)

No silent prayer for a wine that just started

(Bawm bawm. Bawm.)

Hampton Water ain’t just a rosé in the crowd

It got a pretty big honor that we’re shouting out loud


It’s my wiiiiiine! Thanks Wine Spectator

For naming it the best rosé this year

“A dash of minerality” is riiiiiight

It’s my wiiiiiiine! 83rd place, oh yay

Like Frankie said, “I rosé all day,”

Calling it “a crowd-pleaser” was riiiiiiiight

It’s! My! Wine!

(Bawm bawm. Bawm.)

This is for ones who wrote, “A nicely crafted rosé, with a hint of creamy richness lining the strawberry, melon and white cherry flavors. A dash of minerality imparts depth through the long, mouthwatering finish. A crowd-pleaser. Grenache, Cinsault, Mourvèdre and Syrah. Drink now. 35,000 cases made.”