Jordan collects a whopping 2 646 kilograms of clothing for their annual Winter Charity Drive!

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Jordan Wines have collected a whopping 2 646 kilograms of clothing for their annual Winter Charity Drive!

Until the end of August, the wine estate will be swapping select Jordan wines for second-hand clothing. 1kg = 1 bottle of wine. Deliver your clothing to Jordan Wine Estate between 9:30-16:00 daily, and stay for a bite to eat at The Bakery at Jordan.

Pictured is our recent drop off at U-Turn Homeless Ministry, a thriving non-profit organization based in Cape Town, changing lives of the homeless. Thank you to everyone who has donated to this worthy cause, and so many others, thus far!

This year, we have partnered with The Laundromat Stellenbosch, who will be kindly washing, drying and folding the clothes before donation.