Jordan creates black magic with its new Black Magic Merlot

At Cape Wine 2015 Gary Jordan told me about his newest wine, the Black Magic Merlot 2013. Yesterday I received a gift delivery of the first production of Magic Merlot by Jordan Marketing Manager Thea van der Merwe.

In the note accompanying the bottle, packaged simply but powerfully in a black tin, it is explained that the Jordan Merlot vineyards are based on Black Tourmaline-rich granite, darkening the soil, and creating perfumed and inky wines. Magicians of days gone by relied on Black Tourmaline (also known as Schorl) as a protection against the spells they cast. The tradition was to rub Black Tourmaline together for luck and happiness. When rubbed together, Black Tourmaline becomes charged with magnetic electricity, said to intensify the luck!

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