Just When You Thought A Pint Couldn’t Get Any Better, Beer Foam Art Is Here

Brace yourselves bartenders, beer foam art is here. Joining edible glitter as the newest trend to hit the beer world, a U.S. company is banking on the concept being as popular in bars as it has been in specialty coffee shops.

The recently launched Beer Ripples device prints messages and images on beer foam using malt-based ink. In 2015, the company launched Coffee Ripples, which uses similar 3D-printing technology to mark high-resolution (albeit monochrome) images onto hot, foam-topped beverages.

Both machines are designed for commercial purposes rather than home use: Coffee Ripple customers reportedly include Hilton, Lavazza and Four Seasons. According to MUNCHIES, Beer Ripples has already secured its first customer – World of Beer – a chain of craft taverns with 55 locations across the U.S.

“We currently don’t know of any other companies with the same technology or printing capability as Beer Ripples,” a company spokesperson told MUNCHIES.

Currently only available in the U.S. and Canada, the 3D printer costs US$3,000 plus an annual subscription fee of US$1,500, which includes enough ink for roughly 6,000 pints. The printing process takes up to 11 seconds and is app-enabled. Customers can select from a library of existing designs or upload original images via a free mobile app.

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