Kelly Slater and Chris Pratt star in Super Bowl Beer Ad

“Beer drinker” is probably not the first descriptor that comes to mind when thinking of our beloved 11-time World Champion, Kelly Slater. After all, the Greatest Surfer of All Time is synonymous with athleticism and healthy living, chia seeds and coconut water–you get the feeling the guy has never even been in the same room as refined sugar.

Yet there he is in the above Michelob ULTRA commercial, paddling toward the camera singing about his affinity for suds. The ad, which also features pro golfer Brooks Koepka, distance runner Shalane Flanagan and movie star (but mostly still “the guy from ‘Parks and Rec’”) Chris Pratt, is set to run during the Super Bowl in a few days.

But before that, I got a chance to get Slater on the phone to talk about surfing’s flirtation with mainstream sports, this year’s WSL event at his wave pool and whether or not beer actually ever enters his body/finely-tuned surfing apparatus.