Kendall Jenner Slammed By Fans For Past Pepsi Protest Commercial Gone Wrong

Fans are sending Kendall Jenner a strong message.

As protesters across the country continue to protest in the wake of George Floyd’s death, several online are slamming the model for keeping silent years after she and Pepsi were accused of cultural appropriation for a protest commercial gone wrong.

It was back in 2017 that Pepsi’s “Jump In” commercial starring Jenner was widely denounced and almost immediately pulled from TV. In the ad, Jenner throws off her blonde wig and smears away her lipstick before joining a protest of activists holding banners featuring the peace sign. But rather than protesting, she takes a Pepsi can and hands it over to a police officer as a peace offering while the crowd cheers behind her. The cop smiled in response.

Jenner reacted to the backlash at the time on her family’s hit show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” Filmed in real-time, it showed the supermodel tearfully regretting her participation.

“I just felt so f–king stupid. The fact that I would offend other people or hurt other people was definitely not the intent,” Jenner said on camera.

Pepsi also regretted the commercial and apologized for “putting Kendall Jenner in this position.”

But as protesters continue to take the streets to fight injustices in America, Jenner’s Pepsi controversy has resurfaced, with many accusing her of sitting in her California home and failing to speak out rather than marching.