Kittea Brings Tea Inspired By Cats To The Pot

Kittea brings two of the best things in life together: Cats and tea! The company was founded in 2016 by a Singaporean girl who really love tea and cats. Within a year, her adorable cat tea brand expanded to 22 stores and 4 countries. It turns out that owner Inez’s business idea first came about in her teenage years.

“I had a Siamese cat when I was young, which was pretty much how I fell in love with cats. I adore how they have so many different species – which was somewhat akin to tea. I also nursed a growing fondness for tea itself.”

“When I was 17, I had the idea of a cartoon cat dangling from a teabag string – which I thought was a funny pun – kitty and tea, ‘kittea’.”

Each of the Kittea blends are inspired by different cat breed and their personalities, and come without preservatives or artificial flavourings so you know you’re consuming only the good stuff. The teas are sourced from all over the world and come with a strong belief in playfulness and curiosity.

Kittea Cat Collections

From strong breakfast teas to fragrant floral blends, Kittea offer 3 tea collections for cat-crazy humans. Under the classic collection you will find teas like The Chinese White , a Jasmine Blossoms Tea and The British Shorthair, an Earl Grey Blue Tea in a tin.

The festive collection offer joyful infusions to match the warm spirit of celebration for every occasion and the Magical Collection brings enchantment to the tea pot with colour-changing tea blends.

If that’s not enough, Kittea offers a selection of tea accessories like this cat glass mug with fishie tea infuser. Simply scoop a teaspoon of loose tea into the uniquely fish-shaped infuser and fill the mug with hot water. 

If tea is not your thing, head on over to the wine section to feed your cat fetish.