Lady Gaga is launching her own wine brand called Grigio Girls

Lady Gaga is tapping into the wine business and plans to launch her own brand of wine called “Grigio Girls”, named after a bonus track on her 2016 album, Joanne.

The Born this Way singer’s company filed paperwork to produce wine, wine coolers, wine cocktails and wine punches with the name.

TMZ is guessing that Pinot Grigio will be the flagship product.

“Grigio Girls” is a song inspired by Gaga’s friend, Sonja, who has cancer — it’s about how Gaga and her girlfriends would get together, pop open a bottle and cry for her. So … their own brand of wine seems like a perfect tribute.

Lady Gaga’s not totally new to the food and drink biz, though — her parents own an Italian restaurant in NYC called Joanne Trattoria.