Learn to love wine without being a snob about it

Enjoying wine isn’t something you should be ashamed of.

It’s also not a one-way ticket to the often-expensive and over-the-top world of wine, wine lingo, and big labels. It’s actually easy to enjoy the differences between a pinot noir and a cabernet without emptying your bank account or learning a new language.

Wine often gets a bad rap. Sometimes it’s deserved: Obtuse and intentionally fussy language make wine difficult to get into, big reviewers and high-priced wines make normal people think it’s too expensive and fussy, and there’s an entire low-end market dedicated selling you on the idea that “wine is hard, just drink this.”

Other times it’s not fair: The old “wine is bullshit” trope paints an entire drink with a broad, obviously fallacious brush, and encourages people to just give up on something they may enjoy instead of learning about it.

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