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Leyrat Cognac Hits the South African Market

Good news! One of Abécassis most esteemed brands, Cognac Leyrat is now available in South African. This prestige spirits has proved to be a key component in the rise of one of the largest independent producers in the Cognac appellation today.

Created at the Domaine at Chez Maillard, situated on top of a limestone hill, the land boasts an exceptional terroir and a reputed 220 hectares vineyard in the Fins Bois. The elegant eaux-de-vie is crafted using Ugni-Blanc grapes that are harvested plot by plot and pressed immediately on site.

Once the young eaux-de-vie has been sourced, Abécassis places it in new oak barrels initially, followed by a period of maturation in slightly older barrels of 5 to 10 years and finally, the ageing will be completed in much older barrels. The cellar master alone decides when to transfer the eaux-de-vie from barrel to another. As this process takes place in the vinification cellars, a host of modern equipment, including temperature control, helps to produce great wines for distillation. In total, Abécassis boasts twenty cellars with some 3500 barrels, giving it a potential to mature about 3 million litres of eau-de-vie.

Of all the various vintages and editions of Cognac Leyrat, you’re sure to find an utterly delicious and exceptional quality spirit that you love, right here!