LG launches Keurig-style pods that make 5 different kinds of beer

LG’s new beer-making machine is targeted at brew enthusiasts, but don’t expect it to serve you up a glass in an instant. 

The South Korean tech giant took the wraps off the device, called the HomeBrew, onstage at the Consumer Electronics Show today in Las Vegas

With HomeBrew, users can brew up a batch of five different types of craft beers, including IPAs, pilsners, stouts, witbiers and pale ales, just by pressing a few buttons. 

The system isn’t all that unlike a Keurig; to brew beer, you simply insert a capsule that contains malt, yeast, hops oil, and flavoring.

But, don’t expect to grab a glass right away, because users have to wait up to two weeks before it’s ready to drink. 

After pressing a button, the machine handles the fermentation, aging and carbonation process. 

The machine will even clean itself and run maintenance tasks. 

It’s meant to be placed in the kitchen and is about equal in size to a full-size espresso machine.  

However, users can check the status of their beer by opening a companion HomeBrew app, which will notify them when it’s ready.

‘HomeBrew not only offers an incredibly simple way to make craft beer, it also enhances the quality of beer it makes,’ LG said.

‘An optimized fermentation algorithm intelligently controls the fermenting process with precise temperature and pressure control for guaranteed brewing success. 

‘The clever capsule system also removes all the cleaning-related frustrations associated with traditional home-brewing methods. 

‘It automatically sanitizes using nothing more than hot water, ensuring everything is hygienically clean for the next batch,’ the firm added. 

It’s unclear what the device will be priced at or when it’s expected to go on sale.