Lil Wayne will perform for $110,000 and 18 Bottles of alcohol

Rappers’ riders are notoriously crazy.

Ever wondered what it would cost you for a personal Weezy concert?

TMZ reports the Young Money mogul will perform at a club for $110,000 and a boatload of alcohol. This hefty price tag fetches you a punchy 15-minute, five-song set.

While the performance fee might seem ludicrous, accommodating for Lil Wayne and his possé is a whole other story. Lil Tunechi demands his venues have a green room that can hold his 20-person entourage, and his rider includes 10 bottles of Dom Perignon, five bottles of Ciroc, and three bottles D’usse ready at least 10 minutes prior to his arrival.

Lil Wayne’s demands might seem over-the-top, but artists are notorious for their insanely extravagant requests. Rappers such as DMX, Drake, and Diddy also have out-of-the-ordinary necessities when it comes to putting on a show.

Here, FIRST WE FEAST breaks down some of the most outrageous rapper riders:

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