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Linton Park impresses and inspires

The name Linton Park, while may not be familiar to some, holds a certain degree of prestige simply through the sound of it.

This sense of prestige could not be more well-suited; every part of Linton Park – its history, its estate, its wines, impresses and inspires.

Found just outside Wellington, Linton Park could certainly classify as a hidden gem. The Stellenbosch Winelands are very well-known, but Wellington, which is just next door, is not as familiar to most locals.


The estate, like many wine estates in the Western Cape, has a rich history. In 1699 De Slange Rivier farm was granted to Louis Fourie, a French Huguenot, by Governor Willem Adriaan van der Stel. Once Fourie took charge of the farm he developed its agricultural landscape and planted its first vines. The deed was dated 28 February 1699, meaning that the farm turned 318 this year. You will find the original document preserved in Linton Park’s Manor House art and furniture collection.

A Fresh start

Just over twenty years ago, in 1995, the farm was bought by Camellia Plc. Camellia Plc also has a legacy to it, however, it is only about half the age of the farm. It’s a multinational and global business group and employs over 76 000 people worldwide. The group is involved in many different ventures, some of which are tea gardens, macadamia, citrus, barley, pineapple, almond and avocado plantations in the agriculture and horticulture sectors.

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