Live The High Life With These Cannabis Champagne Replicas

Cannabis-infused beverages are one of the fasted growing segments of the marijuana industry. Marijuana beverages attract a variety of adult consumers, with Millennials showing a preference for marijuana over alcohol.

Several companies have decided to tap into the market, producing cannabis-infused champagnes and sparkling beverages as an alternative to your favourite alcoholic fizz.

House of Saka Sparkling Pink

The House of Saka Sparkling Pink is crafted from grapes picked at the peak of ripeness from select vineyards in Napa Valley. The wine is then infused with their own proprietary CBD:THC formulation for a truly elevated cannabis experience.

Rickett “Jolie Fleur” Blanc & Pink

Using traditional French Champagne methods, this bubbly is infused with California cannabis using state of the art Nano technology. The wine is delicious and delivers a quick onset and clean fun experience.


Vertus™ is free of the unpleasant cannabis taste and odor. Instead, you experience a slightly sweet taste followed by an uplifting high that takes effect quickly.

Sparkling H 

The wine and cannabis use to make this bubbly are grown on the hills of Geneva lake in Switzerland. Sparking H is both a natural and technologically advanced product, derived from specially processed Swiss Chasselas wine, craftily merged with cold-infused fresh Swiss cannabis plants.