Refreshing Cocktail Recipes To Keep You Quenched Through The Easter Bank Holiday Weekend

Though most people tend to have an Easter menu laid out in their mind ? traditionally starting with a Friday fish pie before an abundance of chocolate eggs and a hearty roast dinner come Sunday lunch


Bulleit Bourbon Made An Earth Day Cocktail Kit With American Forests

Bartend more sustainably.


Bushmills Crafts Limited Edition Guitar From Whiskey Barrels

Bushmills Irish Whiskey has partnered with Lowden Guitars to create a limited edition guitar made from whiskey barrels and ancient bog oak, retailing at £8,500 (US$10.8k).


Heineken: Beer Brands Have Missed An Opportunity To Innovate Around Flavour

Heineken's beer director talks to Marketing Week about the trends the industry needs to pay closer attention to if they're to drive future growth.

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Drag Superstar Scarlett Bobo And Absolut Vodka Launches Ground-breaking Documentary “underneath The Empire” On Outtv

Scarlett Bobo is no stranger to the world of television, and she's set to return to the screen with her documentary "Underneath the Empire," which was produced by Absolut Vodka in collaboration with t


Cooking With Tea: Herbal Infusions For The Stoner Palate

There are two types of people in the world – those who partake in the use of marijuana and those who are too scared to come to the party. Tea lovers see the world in a similar way. There are those who love cooking with tea and freaks who have no reason to be alive. 


How To Become A Bartender?

So, you want to become a high-income bartender, but you don’t have enough skills and experience or even any idea where to start. Right?


Why You Should NEVER Mix Pain Killers with Alcohol

Mixing pain relievers with booze is never a great decision. Alcohol doesn’t just get you drunk, it affects your entire body, and when combined with medicines, it can cause some adverse reactions.

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Love Meat And Beer? Here’s How To Do It Right

Do you relish a grilled steak and a cold beer?   It is hard to find a food and drink pair that beats this one. It is a classic and a food staple in many cultures.  The perfect pairing comes from knowing your beer and how its flavor plays into the flavors of different meats. The good thing is that with the variety of beers and meats, your pair options can be as wild as you imagine. How can you have a delightful meat and beer pairs each time?


5 Reasons Why It’s Worth It To Take CBD Today

CBD (cannabidiol) has quickly become one of the hottest products on the market today, even among the elderly. You can find CBD-infused coffee, alcohol, and food, CBD-themed spa days, CBD oil tinctures, CBD flower and other CBD supplement options galore.