John Fanta Offers Support To College Athletes Missing Their Senior

John Fanta of Fox Sports and Big East Network says we should reach out to college athletes who are missing their senior seasons due to COVID-19 concerns


Next Round: Tequila Herradura’s Jennifer Simmonds On Ultra-premium Tequila’s Massive Growth

Airing between regular episodes of the VinePair Podcast, ?Next Round? explores the ideas and innovations that are helping drinks businesses adapt in a time of unprecedented change. As the coronavirus

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Global Sports Drinks Market 2020 With Coronavirus/covid-19 Impact Analysis

Global Sports Drinks Market Comprehensive Analysis, Drivers and Restraints, Opportunities in Forecas


Bacardi Redesigns Rtd Rum Cocktail Range

Bacardi has overhauled a UK range of RTD cocktails under its namesake rum brand.


Whisky Rescued From 80-Year-Old Shipwreck To Be Sold At Online Auction

A Scotch salvaged from a famous shipwreck is expected to earn as much as $20,000 in an on-going auction now live, online.


How to make your own Peach Brandy

Peach brandy is basically a mixture of fruit and sugar. When left alone for a while, it will ferment and produce a peach flavoured alcoholic liquid.


Breakfast Bread Bowls

What I love about these breakfast bread bowls made by Taste of Home is that you can fill them with absolutely anything.


Why This Unusual Recession Hammered Coke, But Not Pepsi

A couple of things have become clear about the COVID-19 recssion: A V-shaped recovery was unlikely, and different industries had widely divergent experiences...

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London Tonic Producer Launches Range of Cocktails Inspired by South Africa, Mexico and Thailand

As staycations are replacing exotic escapes, a drinks company in the UK created three drinks, intended to “evoke the sensory experience” of some of the unforgettable and breathtaking destinations in the world.


Selena Gomez Talks About Her Quarantine Cooking Show

In the coronavirus pandemic, even celebrities have to cook at home.