Pepsi Driver Union Strike Drags On More Than Two Weeks

More than 100 drivers at a Pepsi bottling facility in northwest Indiana have been on strike for over two weeks now, fighting against a proposed increase in health care costs.


Soda Served In Bucket At Kfc Dubbed The “most American” Thing Ever

Along with the original recipe, hot wings and popcorn chicken, now your drink comes in a bucket at KFC as well.


5 Manual Coffee Brewing Methods

Statistics on global coffee consumption indicate that about 40% of the population drinks coffee daily. Compared to a few years ago, the numbers seem to grow exponentially. Most people prefer natural coffee over instant coffee hence a drastic fall in the instant coffee sector. The discovery of various methods of brewing coffee naturally attributes the growth. Links to the discovery of natural methods of brewing coffee are partially linked to Ottoman Turks and partly to the Ethiopians. Manual brewing methods are best known for showcasing your café’s high-quality coffee and prowess in creating an unforgettable customer experience. Additionally, manual coffee brewing grants you an ultimate chance to enjoy a small amount of coffee at home without sacrificing quality. In this article, you will learn the various methods and equipment used in brewing coffee manually.


One For The Road: Glenfiddich Uses Whisky Waste To Fuel Trucks

Scotch whisky maker Glenfiddich has begun converting its delivery trucks to run on low-emission biogas made from waste products from its own whisky distilling process as part of a "closed loop" sustai


Havana Club Takes Its Spiced Rum Ice Cream On Tour

Visitors can sample the new Havana Club Cuban Spiced variety.


Pepsi Teaming With Duff’s To Cover Cost Of Wings Amid Nationwide Shortage

(WIVB) ? The folks over at Pepsi are teaming up with Duff?s Famous Wings to cover the price of wings on National Chicken Wing day in response to the wing shortage. On Thursday, July 29,?

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The Heineken Man Of The Match Spotlight: Pedro Gallese 

You wouldn?t expect the goalkeeper to be the highlight in a 5-0 loss, but that?s exactly what Pedro Gallese was for the Lions on Sunday night. On a night to forget for Orlando City in the Bronx, El Pu


A Brief History Of Whisky

The history of whisky goes back many thousands of years and so many drinkers of it are unaware where it originated and how it has been developed over the years. This is we have put together a brief timeline of the history of whisky with some key dates noted.

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Jawbox Debuts ‘world’s Largest’ Bottle Of Gin

Irish gin brand Jawbox has created a 32-litre bottle of gin, which it claims to be the largest in the world


Filmmaker Charles Officer Explores His Jamaican-canadian Story

In the debut episode of Hidden Gems, we visit Toronto filmmaker Charles Officer on the set of The Porter in Winnipeg to help him examine his Jamaican heritage.