Lust Vodka claims to boost women`s sex drive

Does a great cocktail turn you on?

The makers of Lust Vodka say their premium spirit can get women in the mood.

With a base of GMO corn and wheat, Lust is distilled six times through charcoal filtration and made with water from “aquifers deep beneath the lakes of Florida.”

So does it contain oysters, strawberries, or a healthy does of flibanserin, dubbed the “female Viagra”?

Not a trace.

The makers of Lust say their vodka “may increase sexual desire in women” simply with its powerfully suggestive name.

“Simply due to its name, and human nature’s insatiable dependency on the power of suggestion, having a bottle of Lust-Vodka on your table naturally increases one’s sexual desire,” reads a product  press release.