Make The Most Exotic Ice Cream Floats With Jive

If you have a hankering for an ice cream parlour treat, nothing beats an ice cream float on a hot summer day.

For those unfamiliar with the retro drink, an ice cream float is a simple recipe that consists of a scoop of ice cream dropped into any kind of beverage, most popularly soda, cider, and even liquor. The tasty summer treat originated in Philadelphia in the late 19th century and was born by accident. It gained massive popularity across the globe in the mid-60 and rode on the soda wave up until sugar became all bad and evil. These days you hardly see ice cream floats on drinks menus. It’s one of those beverages that cannot be consumed without a straw. The no-straw movement might have affected the popularity of the drink, yet, most people I know love ice cream floats and everyone has their favourite flavour.

The best part of this retro and fizzy cool down drink? It can easily be recreated at home thanks to the variety of sodas available on the market. Using some of the exotic flavours from the Jive sparkling flavoured drink range, we came up with ice cream sodas to float your boat and stir up a retro revival.

Jive Cocopina Ice cream Float

Take a trip to the beach with this Pina Colada Ice Cream Float.

Jive Blue Creme Soda Ice Cream Float

Bright blue and ready in under 10 minutes. Try the new blue cream soda to recreate this creamy float.

Jive Mango Tango Ice Cream Float

Try this retro ice cream float with a tropical twist. 

How to make the best and most exotic Ice Cream Floats with Jive


  • Vanilla ice cream
  • 2L Jive Blue Cream Soda / Jive Mango Tango / Jive Cocopina 
  • Maraschino cherries with stems
  • Optional garnish: whipped cream


  1. Open a bottle of brightly-colored soda pop. Pour 1/3 of the soda into a tall ice cream glass.
  2. Continue to layer the ice cream and soda until the glass is full to the top and frothy.
  3. Garnish your ice cream float with a Maraschino cherry. To make it extra special, top with both whipped cream and a cherry.