Make your own Orange Wine

If you have a large quantity of oranges on hand, they can make both orange wine and the speciality from the south of France called “vin d’orange,” which is an orange-flavoured wine. Both are relatively simple to make and delicious.


5 kilogram very ripe oranges
3 kilogram granulated sugar
7.5 liters water
½ teaspoon grape tannin
2 teaspoons yeast nutrient
1 ounce wine yeast

Boil the 7.5 liters of water in a large stockpot. Peel the oranges, carefully removing all of the pith. Separate the oranges into sections and remove the seeds. Place orange sections into a blender and liquefy. Place liquefied oranges, sugar, tannin, and yeast nutrient into primary fermentation container. Add boiling water and stir until sugar is dissolved. Cover and cool until mixture is room temperature. Add yeast, cover, and ferment for one week. Strain liquid through a finely meshed bag, and transfer to a glass secondary fermentation container. Seal with airtight lid, and rack once a month for four months. Stabilize, wait one week and rack into bottles. Age at least one year before drinking.