Man charged £223,000 for six craft beers

The price of craft beer might be rocketing in London, but for £223,000 it better be brewed on Venus out of molten diamonds.

A 28-year-old man was very fortunate he didn’t “don’t worry about the receipt” a server in his local off license in Islington, with the slip revealing he had been charged £223,000 for six bottles of beer instead of £22.30 (still pretty pricey to be fair).

It seems he did that whole ‘put in your chip and pin without checking the total’ thing, and only realised the error when the payment was declined due to the fact he didn’t have £223,000 lying around in his bank account.

Though it sounds a little dodgy, ‘Kris Wines’ is actually a specialist off license and this was a simple mistake.

The manager of the shop told The Telegraph that in all the shops’ years of trading not a single customer has complained of being overcharged and that the mistake was likely due to the man entering his pin too soon.

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