Marilyn Monroe, The Great Lover Of Champagne

The beautiful and timeless Marilyn Monroe’s favourite drink was Champagne and nobody looked better drinking it back in the day than the dame herself.

She once bathed in Champagne, and many of her movies featured her drinking and enjoying Champagne.

Some of her most classic alcoholic lines come out of the 1955 movie, The Seven Year Itch, where she mentioned that she watered the plants with a cocktail shaker and dunks  potato chips in Champagne.

In the 1956 classic, Bus Stop, Marilyn  drinks shots of whiskey in the saloon where she works. In the first scene she drinks it’s just like tea, because it’s part of her job to get customers to buy her shots of whiskey for 60 cents each.

She also showed off her Manhattan Cocktail skills in the movie, Some Like It Hot. It shows her pouring whiskey and sweet vermouth in a hot water bottle (make-shift shaker), then later chipping at an ice block. All this happens on a late night train.

Drinking all the time

Of screen, the scarlet was rarely seen without a glass in hand. When she serenaded JFK on his birthday with the famous “Happy Birthday Mr. President” song, she was drunk off her head. This legendary lady knew exactly where the parties went down and was always happy to get one started. Therefore it’s no surprise that she even has a cocktail named after her.