Marmite Is The Most-seized Item At London City Airport

Besides hobnobs and a steaming cup of Yorkshire Gold, it seems Marmite is the food that us Brits truly miss the most while abroad.

We miss it so much, in fact, that we’re willing to try and sneak it past airport security to bring it with us.

According to London City Airport, Marmite is the number one prohibited branded food item confiscated from travellers’ hand luggage at security and in their top 10 for food items overall.

On average, the airport seizes four jars of the brown stuff a day.

It’s understandable, to be honest, because your average jar of Marmite is 250g and way above liquid limits for hand luggage.

And so, Marmite is doing something truly magical, and will offer passengers the chance to swap their normal-sized jars for mini travel-sized 70g Marmite pots on Monday 31 July.

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