Meet America`s Only Water Sommelier

Usually, wine sommeliers are experts who make recommendations on the wine choices according to certain meals, but don’t be amazed to know that this man does the same with water! Martin Riese is a professional water sommelier, which means he gets paid for drinking water, and he is the only one in the United States.

German by birth, Riese claims that he has been obsessed with different water tastes since he was 4-years-old. He traveled all across Europe with his parents as a child, and the first thing he did at a new place was trying the tap water. It was only later that he discovered his special talent of having a very special palette for detecting different mineral water tastes. And that’s how he made a career as a water sommelier.

Martin says that while people can’t differentiate between different water tastes, there are many natural mineral waters available throughout the world that taste differently and have their own unique properties. Martin’s talents have been recognized by the German Mineral Water Trade Association, and he also has a certificate as a professional water sommelier. He has been working in the US since 2012 and has been the star of many documentaries, special reports, and talk shows.