Meet your three new best friends – Steenberg`s new wines!

Steenberg Winemaker, J.D Pretorius and his team, have been very busy of late. All the hard work has paid off, and we’re all very excited to present you with three brand new wines!

The first is the 1682 Pinot MCC 2010. This delicate and elegant sipper smacks of mulled strawberries, toffee apples and biscuits, making it a veritable carnival of summertime deliciousness. It’s characteristic creaminess is hard-earned from its 3 years on the lees, and all that waiting pays great dividends for the finish. Because it is such a labour of love, this wine is to be released in extremely limited quantities, and so it’s imperative that you get your hands on a bottle, post haste! Officially launched on 1st September, this one won’t be around for long… So what are you waiting for, come get one!

Secondly (and we’re very proud of this one…) the Steenberg Vineyards Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc launches in September for the first time! A crisp, refreshing bubbly with tropical characters, no springtime celebration is going to be worth attending without it. The bottle is a visual stunner, with a bold gold-orange graphic label bedecking the front. We think the striking label creates an apt expectation of what’s inside the bottle, because this one’s so good, you’re going to need some forewarning.

Our third surprise is the Black Swan Sauvignon Blanc, a true return to Steenberg Vineyard’s specialty. A steely elegance and mineral gun smoke character pervades this white, and stems from the very core of Steenberg’s terroir. The herbaceous characters of green tomato leaves and elderflower make the Black Swan Sauvignon Blanc a brilliant bestie for summer. Launched to the public for the very first time at the Big Bottle Festival on the 23rd of August, feedback was overwhelmingly positive. This wine will be available in October, so start the countdown right now.

For inquiries, orders and purchases (or just to chat about how terribly excited you are for these wines), call Chantelle on: 021 713 2211.

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