Michael Jackson drank 6 bottles of wine a day before his death

Michael Jackson drank up to six bottles of wine a day and was “paralytic” at the press conference, which announced his comeback tour.

Mark Lester, godfather to Jacko’s three kids, has revealed that the late pop legend would make him smuggle bottles of plonk into hotels past his strict Muslim security team, the Sun reported.

The former actor said that Jackson would down them in order to beat his insomnia and easily quaffed a case over two days.

Lester told the publication that Jackson’s secret habit went out of control on the day of his press conference, which was planned to announce his ‘This Is It’ 50-date residency at London’s O2 Arena, in March 2009.

He said that the ‘Thriller’ star passed out on the hotel bed and his doctor said that he had drunk two-thirds of a bottle of whisky because of which he was paralytic.

“He sobered up enough to struggle through the This Is It speech, which he just about got away with,” Lester said.

Jackson died of a sedative overdose three months later.

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