Michael Jordan Is Drinking His Own Rare Tequila On “The Last Dance” Documentary Series

Throughout the premiere of “The Last Dance,” many viewers were curious as to what type of liquor Michael Jordan was sipping on during his confessional from his home.

Forbes reports the basketball legend was drinking tequila from a brand called Cincoro, which he co-owns with Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics, and Milwaukee Bucks owners. The group decided to go into drinks business together after discovering a “mutual love of tequila” at a dinner party in 2016. 

This particular expression sells for up to $1,800 online. Cincoro Tequila is one of the most expensive tequila labels in the market currently.

The Cincoro website describes extra añejo as “a very rare tequila produced in limited allocations” that is “aged in used American bourbon barrels” for more than three years to produce “subtle notes of wood, spices, and light cooked agave on the nose followed by intense oak, sweet agave, caramel, and light vanilla on the palate.”

“We decided to do our own tequila,” Jordan said while promoting Cincoro on the Today Show in October. “If we sell it, we sell it. If not, at least we got enough to drink.”

The premiere of “The Last Dance” — ESPN’s 10-part documentary series about the Chicago Bulls’ 1997-98 season — was brimming with never-before-seen details about the team and its superstar, Michael Jordan.