Millennials are all about brown liquor and brands are taking notice

The days of a variety of flavored vodkas appear to be in the past. Today, millennials are seeking out elegant brown liquors.

As outlined by Quartz, younger consumers of alcohol these days are not as interested in the vanilla or lemon vodkas or any other flavored vodkas that were once very popular. Instead, they are turning more to brown craft liquor, like bourbon and whiskey. With the new demographic of drinking consumers continuing to grow, alcohol distributors and companies are adjusting their sales strategies accordingly.

“People are generally trading up,”says Linda Montag, a senior beverage analyst at Moody’s, according to Quartz. And it’s not just the hard liquors that are undergoing this shift toward brown beverages. Beer continues to lean more on craft beers instead of the more common options. “Folks want craft beer because it’s new and it’s sexy. Instead of chugging kegs of cheap beer, they’d rather be selective and pay up.”

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