Millennials Drink More Wine Than Any Generation, Study Confirms

Which generation drinks the most wine—Millennials, who last year celebrated birthdays 21 to 38, Generation X (39-50) or Baby Boomers (51-69)? Turns out it’s mostly a battle between the Millennials and the Boomers. (Sorry, Gen X.)

Earlier this week, the Wine Market Council (WMC) presented findings from its 2015 survey of Americans as to who drank wine, how often did they drink and how much they drank when they did. Overall, we consumed about 2.5 percent more wine in 2015 than we did the year before, and the average consumption per American was 3.84 gallons or about 20 bottles annually. Many of us, of course, helped raise that average. Overall, Americans bought about 380 million cases of wine, and we’ve gone back to drinking more of the expensive stuff, as well.

The WMC divided the people who do drink wine into two categories: “high frequency drinkers”—every day or several times a week—and “occasional drinkers”—once a week to almost never. Next, they did a generational cut, and here it gets tricky: There are 79 million Millennials, 75 million Boomers, but only 49 million Gen-Xers because they only cover 12 years of births, while Boomers span 19 years and Millennials 18. Then there are 8 million people over 70 that we’ll call the Oldsters (okay, the WMC calls them something else), who wheeze into last in every category.

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