Millennials Want to Drink Cocktails That Their Parents Liked in the 70s

Rust Cohle of True Detective once famously said that time is a flat circle. Sure, he was referring to the “terrible and secret fate of all life,” but this principle also applies to less heavy matters. The resurgence of those stretch plastic chokers from the 90s, for instance.

Or cocktail culture.

A decade ago, we were transitioning between the competing popularities of the gaudy Sex and the City glamour of the Cosmopolitan, the AXE body spray-laced celebration of Jägermeister shots, and, eventually, the austere masculinity of the Old Fashioned. But looking further back, there was an era between our parents’ disco days and our own coming-of-drinking-age when cocktails were largely forgotten. Take, for instance, this Wall Street Journal timeline of cocktail culture, which skips directly from the Harvey Wallbangers of the 1980s to the vested, Manhattan-reworking bartenders of the last 15 years.