Whisky Brand Monkey Shoulder Creates 100% Accurate Jigger

William Grant & Sons-owned blended malt whisky brand Monkey Shoulder has reinvented the classic jigger with the launch of a new bar tool said to be 100% accurate with every pour.

The new device, called the Trigger Jigger, is said to save bartenders across the world four hours and 32 minutes on average every year.

A jigger is used to measure and pour spirits behind the bar. Monkey Shoulder claims that some venues face the issue of using “inferior” jiggers that are imprecise by as much as 20% due to the chance that spirits will spill while being measured.

“Some jiggers are just not good for business and can result in slower serving speeds,” said Monkey Shoulder global brand ambassador Joe Petch, who created the Trigger Jigger.

“So inspired by a nickel- and silver-plated jigger from the late 1880s and through countless hours of research with bartenders around the world, I set about righting some wrongs.

“By engineering a piston valve mechanism, I’ve ensured an accurate cut start and stop flow rate. Pour in the liquid and apply some pressure on a trigger using a good old fashioned finger. The spirit streams out at an optimum rate into the drinking vessel.”

Following “rigorous tests”, the brand’s lab technicians found that standard jiggers produce one pour per 0.86 seconds, while the Trigger Jigger has recorded speeds of one pour per 0.789 seconds.

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