Monogamy or PromisQous? Which do you prefer?

Monogamy or promiscuity…at some point we are all faced with the question of which way we should go. Now with wine the question comes up again.


Monogamy.  Bland?  Plain?  Ordinary?  Never!  According to this label Monogamy means “truly madly deeply.”  Could it be so?  Of course.  The label plainly states that one reaches this point after considering options and discovering likes and dislikes.  How fitting Monogamy is a Cabernet Sauvignon which typically contains a deeper, richer more meaningful rounded out feel on the palate; satisfying in a broader sense.


PromisQous – Read the label below.  It’s quite cute.  In reference to people, we all come from many backgrounds, likes and dislikes.  No matter how many people we ultimately dated, we all eyed a few more than we ever ended up with.  Thus, the PromisQous thought or two has passed through many a mind whether carried out in reality or not.  How fitting this wine materializes in time for Valentine’s Day.  PromisQous is a red table wine blend as it takes from a little of this and that and mixes to become one wine of many samplings.