More people buy wine online than at cellar door

In an industry flooded with different labels, standing out from the crowd is a hard ask.

For Kirsten Hardiker, from Cannibal Creek Vineyard in west Gippsland, tapping into the one in five people who have bought wine online recently is a work in progress.

“It’s definitely important to have that presence. We’re probably not taking advantage of it, like we could. It’s a time thing, and having the skill to do that… but we’re definitely still working on it.”

Consultancy firm Wine Intelligence estimate 79 per cent of wine consumers use the internet.

According to its work, more people are now buying wine online than at cellar doors.

Wine Intelligence country manager for Australia and New Zealand, Natasha Rastegar, said people were shopping online for different reasons.

“People are primary going to websites to buy wine online primarily for discounts,” she said.